It took 6 years of time and investment starting in year 2002, Target Sport Co., Ltd developed sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet. Using physical intercalation extract from Montmorillonite, our Nanoscale material contained Anti-bacteria, adsorption, absorption, expandable, dispersible, adhesiveness, plasticity, far infrared, ion exchange special functions.。

The Future of Cosmetics and Skin Care products.

Create sistyle brand in year 2009, Target Sport Co., Ltd. Based on" from nature" though and developed sistyle nsp+ a brand new series of Nano Silicate Platelet product. With nature mineral in earth and most certain safety ingredients "Nature" "effective" "comprehensive" are our philosophy of efforts to bring all safety, healthy and beauty to our consumers. All products are research and manufactured in Taiwan.

sistyle nsp+ our Nano Silicate Platelet integrated with optimum "Nano technology" perfectly for daily necessities to realistic applications, such as plastic mater batch, functional fiber, painting, packaging material, cosmetics, daily anti-bacteria & deodorant products. Environment protection, pet product, agriculture and fisheries, Along with Nano technology updating, sistyle nsp+ creating more and more effective, safety and environmental products bring human for higher and better living quality.

Welcome for various industries, chain stores or agents for sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet and our realistic daily necessities products.

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