What is Nanometer

  1. Nanometer is a Length Unit. 1nm=10-9m about size of molecule or DNA or 10ppm of hair width.
  2. The meaning from Micron to Nano Meter is not just size cut down also describe new and unique material properties show up. Under Nano aspect (1 to 100 nm) many appearances changed. For example became lighter, surface area increased, thermal conductance or electric conductance increased. Nano Technology is publicly known as the most important industry in 21 century. Numerous of manpower and money invested for research and development. From daily consumer to high-tech territory you will find the related applications easily.

奈米級單位的世界,sistyle nsp+™粒徑約3.4-6.6奈米

sistyle nsp+Nano Silicate Platelet -Montmorillonite

  1. Rock is one of common elements in Earth Crust, The key composition of the rock is silicon. There are plentiful of silicone salt crystal laying on the exterior, clay is the smallest particle, so called microcrystal. This clay mud is the most important mineral founded to have most applications.
  2. Montmorillonite so called bentonite, white clay named by Montmorillon in France. This Layered Silicate Clay comes from volcano ash. Every layer is thin, irregular shaped provides it crystal structure with excellent absorption, expansibility, adsorption, dispersion, lubrication, Plasticity, malleability, suspension, ion exchangeability. It is now one of essential basis material in high grade cosmetics and care products.

sistyle nsp+Nano Silicate Platelet

sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet (Also Called Nano Silicon, Nano Clay ) comes from volcano ash Montmorillonite has highest purity in the world. It is 100% nature refining. Its unique efficacy as following:

  1. Contained huge amount of Permanent Electric Charge have strong adsorption to organics. It prevents bacteria or virus growth. No preservative required in our products for its anti-bacteria effect.
  2. After dispersion and water cutting to 1/9~1/15 size. It became easier to infiltrate which promote skin care and clean to puppy.
  3. A protect layer evenly spread on the exterior of skin prevents various damages from bacteria or virus.
  4. Amazing Water absorption deferred moisture reveal from skin.
  5. Test proved 94% 6~15µm low temperature far infrared ray released at 25°C which promote blood circulation, cell activation, nutrients and enzyme furnish, metabolism. Also deodorant, dehumidification (regenerative, insulation, Anti-bacteria, immunity strengthen)
  6. Silicone contained plenty of anion after nanonization. This anion called "vitamin in the air" by Dr. 雅格勞 Professor of School of Public Health in Harvard University.

Nano Silicate Platelet under microscope is layered structure (Source: Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan R.O.C.)

顯微鏡下的奈米礦物能量原素為層狀結構(資料來源:工業技術研究院) 層狀奈米結構圖

Characteristics of raw materials

Anti-bacteria Mechanism

The Key point of sistyle nsp+ is its anti-bacteria mechanism. It adsorbs protein, organics while approaching virus, fungi, germ or bacteriophage. The exterior negative electric charge breaking protein of the virus. The oxygen metabolic clearance effect cannot continue or duplicate once the virus structure destroyed. Unlike the other bactericidal drugs abated all germs include the good one, sistyle nsp+physical anti-bacteria preserves healthy cells once deviate from puppy's body. sistyle nsp+ for mammal, reptile, plants, multicellular organics are safe. This examination has been approved by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Verified by many researches and scientific reports "sistyle nsp+" adsorb small cell or virus leads to weakness and wastage, bactericidal. Just low concentration good enough for inhibiting hundreds of bacteria or virus. Even to bacillus subtilis. On the basis of Block SS theoretical it has restrain to mold and virus. Like Orthomyxoviridae(H1N1)Enteroviruses(Poliovirus)、Coxsackie virus,、Coronaviridae(SARS)、Adenoviridae、Retroviruses(AIDS), Herpesviridae.

comparison of sistyle nsp+ and other anti-bacterial agents
item Applicability bacteria Method Resistance Resistant bacteria result safety
sistyle nsp+Nano Silicate Platelet Hundreds of Bacteria restrain by physics adsorb exterior of bacteria, destroy it structure, inhibit the multiplication, activity leads to weakness and mortality. No Resistance Effective General type: eliminate 99% in 60 min. As for Long Acting type: eliminate 100% in 6 No poison to be contacted
Nano Silver Hundreds of Bacteria restrain by physics contacted easy to be ingested and accumulated in human cell. No Resistance Effective eliminate 99% in 60 min. As for Long Poison to be contacted
Nano Photocatalyst Hundreds of Bacteria restrain by photochemical oxidation. Need UV contact for inhibition No Resistance Effective Not able to Kill Bacteria without UV Ray Cause Lung disease if poor construction
General Chemicals Selected Bacteria restrain by Chemistry Need to contact with bacteria easy to have resistance strain Invalid, cross-tolerance between antibiotics exist. Irritation and harmful to human being. procedure of antibiotic inhibition and metabolism is harmful to human organs.

Potent adsorption characteristics

sistyle nsp+ capture from nature bentonite is an unique nano material. It contained about 20,000 strong permanent electric charge on exterior of each piece. A very good carrier indeed. Only 5 Nano in average of each particle. There are 700~800 m² square area, about 4x1016 particles of each gram. Adsorption various organic and biomolecules, it prevent virus DNA reproduction.

In water treatment, it adsorbs impurity, organic, even pesticide, heavy metals. For cosmetic industry, the protective layer isolate harmful invade.

Deep penetration, isolation, moisturizing effect

After dispersion and water cutting to 1/9~1/15 size. sistyle nsp+ became easier to infiltrate which promote skin care and cleansing efficacy for excellent cosmetics additive.

Adsorbs grease and dirt upgraded the skin care and cleansing. Evenly spread on the exterior, this protective layer isolate harmful invade from dirty or bacteria in the air. Amazing Water absorption deferred moisture reveal from skin, kind of water locking effect.

Anti-UV sun protection

A protect layer evenly spread on the exterior of skin reinforced Anti-UV care product efficacy.


Low temperature far infrared ray Energy

According to Japan JSC-3 test method done by Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology of National Tsing Hua University that 94% 2~22µm (wave length) low temperature far infrared ray released at temperature 25°C which promote blood circulation and skin metabolism.

Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology of National Tsing Hua University
item test method condition result limit
far infrared ray Japan JSC-3 wave length 2~22 μm
Reflectivity 94% n/a

Vibrating the water adherence on cell exterior which promote calcium flow, penetrate deep subcutaneous, the thermal reacting temperature rise which lead microvascular expansion, smooth blood circulation and metabolism.

Far infrared ray means electromagnetic waves and its length between 0.75~1000μm, the best range for human being is 4~14μm, so called "give birth ray":

  1. Active cell structure and smooth blood circulation.
  2. Accelerate nutrients and enzyme supply and stimulate metabolism
  3. Deodorant, dehumidification, regenerative, insulation, anti-bacteria and immunity strengthening …effects.

sistyle nsp+ applications

  1. Nano High Polymer Blending Master batch
  2. Nano Special Painting
  3. Nano Special Usage Containers Packaging material
  4. Nano Ceramic Material
  5. Nano Automobile Parts Material
  6. Nano Cosmetics
  7. Nano Environment protection Anti-Bacteria, Mildew, Deodorant Material
  8. Nano High Strength Foamed Elastomer
  9. Nano Functional Textile

sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet has so many applications and perspectives, because of its special layered structure. A nature gift from god for its flexible usage of ion exchange among the layers which tailored smart and key nanoscale material. For anti-bacteria as example to be used in tableware of daily life. Kiln at high temperature (1250℃) will cost down also maintain preservation, anti-bacteria and easy cleaning. Furthermore to enhance scrub resistance mechanical strength on appliance surface. It's a real creation for "tableware" age.

sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet has various applications, mainly using in functional fiber, polymer material and painting three fields, the functional fiber most. We already cooperate with several manufacturers in mass production with great achievement. It is going to merchandise step by step. Next focus will in nano biomaterial and optoelectronic materials.

sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet's Outstanding characteristics comes from its special layered structure. Blended with polymer material, cation exchange and ionic bonding reacted in the layers. These characteristic is not showing up at micro construction. Such as Gas barrier properties, Water blocking, Anti-UV, Heat resistance, Dimensional stability, Anti-tortuous, Toughness, Wear, Scratch, durable, Anticorrosive, Chemical resistance. sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet enhanced the structure mechanical strength and convenience the Back-end processing. For Painting industry, sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet is excellent thickener which provide easy production and coating. Planarization coating, Reduce pinholes, Shorter working hours and consumption obviously.

In Relation with Flame retardant material, sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet will help huge deducing of expensive Flame Retardant consume for same level required. Not just cost down also benefit for back-end processing efficiency. sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet has Positive charge antimicrobial function. It is a great natural anti-bacteria, mildew, deodorant material with excellent effect using in textile, ceramic glaze, anti-bacteria spray at home or in public.

As for textile application, sistyle nsp+ Nano Silicate Platelet's far infrared, Anti-UV function attract big attention. Unlike other mineral additives, high temperature and Ionizing radiation concerns. Our normal temperature far infrared fiber's safety and complex functions are Irreplaceable.


  1. Nano High Polymer Blending Master batch: PE, PP. PET etc.
  2. Nano Modified Clay Paint: Various Architectural Coatings, Steel plate coating, Fireproof paint/ coating, Rust corrosion coating, Marine Coatings, Road/ Traffic marking coatings, Car paint, Floor Coating.
  3. Nano High Polymer film bag packaging material:
    1. Shrink film bag:
      • Food Warp, outside of box, outside of bottle
      • frozen package, Stationery, printed matter, discs package
      • Microwave food package. Flat glass protective film
    2. Non-Shrink film bag:
      • Fresh, Frozen Food package, Medical Equipment package.
      • General food package, Anti-UV Package.
      • Medicine package, Conducting, Anti-EMI package
  4. Indoor Type Nano Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment Spray:
    1. House, Kitchen, Bathroom, Car Interior Nano Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment.
    2. Hospital, Large Warehouse and Storage Nano Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment.
    3. Furniture, appliance Nano Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment.
    4. Clothes, Textile Nano Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment.
    5. Pets Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment.
    6. Other Photocatalyst not workable indoor spaces Anti-Bacteria, Deodorant, Mildew treatment.
  5. Environmental protection Type Nano Easy to Clean Ceramic Glaze:
    1. Nano Ceramic Glaze and Glaze Modifier for one firing.
    2. For Various Ceramic Household Products, Sanitary Equipment and Building Tile, plate.

Nano Material is foundation and key for Nana Technology development. Its various applications covered almost all industries, among that, our sistyle nsp+™ energy mineral element is the easiest and fastest material to get with greatest potential. Best timing for traditional industry transformation is now and start using Nano materials. People believed in the coming 5 to 10 years, 80% market values in Nano materials related with Nano energy mineral element. Contact with us for cooperation is welcomed.

Packages of sistyle nsp+

  1. Powder product packaging specifications:100g. 1kg. 5kg. 25kg。
  2. Agent product packaging specifications:100g. 500g. 1kg. 2kg. 5kg. 10kg. 20kg。