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H1N1 New Flu Virus Antiviral Inspection Report by Beijing microbes and Epidemiology Academy of Military Medical Sciences Academy
  • H1N1 New Flu Virus
  • 1 Hour sterilization rate 90%
  • 4 Hour sterilization rate 99%
  • 8 Hour sterilization rate 100%
  • 16 Hour sterilization rate 100%
  • 24 Hour sterilization rate 100%
SGS─Bacillus subtilis Inspection Report

This Inspection tested sistyle nsp+ provided by Target Sport Co., Ltd. For anti-bacteria evaluation. Test species are Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Bacillus

lichcniformis and Listeria monocytogenes, Admix and cultivated one & six hours to measure germ survive volume. Test Showing: Anti-Bacteria for one hour is 90% to Bacillus subtilis 100% to Bacillus cereus, 98% to Bacillus lichcniformis and 100% to Listeria

monocytogenes. As for six hours to all four species are 100%. This proved sistyle nsp+™ can inhibition growth of these fours species. According to Block SS, sistyle nsp+™ also able to suppression mold and virus like Orthomyxoviridae,



SGS-Staphylococcus Aureus Inspection report
  • Strains:Staphylococcus aureus
  • sterilization rate at 6 hours contact:99.9%
SGS-Escherichia coli Inspection
  • Strains:Escherichia coli
  • sterilization rate at 6 hours contact:99.9%
SGS─Candida slbicans Inspection Report
  • Strains:Candida slbicans
  • sterilization rate at 6 hours contact:96.8%
SGS─Pseudomonas seruginosa Inspection Report
  • Strains:Pseudomonas seruginosa
  • sterilization rate at 6 hours contact:99.9%
SGS─Dander Bacillus Bacteria Inspection Report
  • Strains:Dander Bacillus Bacteria
  • sterilization rate at 6 hours contact:100%
SGS─Propionibacterium acne bacteria Inspection Report
  • Strains: Propionibacterium acne bacteria
  • sterilization rate at 6 hours contact:100%
SGS-Skin Stimulation
  • 1 Hour: No Stimulation.
  • 24 Hour: No Stimulation.
  • 48 Hour: No Stimulation.
  • 72 Hour: No Stimulation.
Far Infrared Ray Released Inspection Report- Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology of National Tsing Hua University
  • wave length 2~22μm temperature 25℃
  • Test Method:JapanJSC-3
  • result:0.94(Max. Value is 1.0)
Nano Particle measurement report-by Center for Measurement Standards of ITRI
  • Microstructure observed by electron microscope, asymmetrical patterns distributed and accumulated.
  • Particle Size is 5.0±1.6nm。
Antibacterial and Cytotoxicity Evaluation Report-by Biomedical
  • No Cytotoxicity and good Bio affinity